If you have a passion to start a school, you are in the right place. Starting and operating a private school can seem daunting at first, but with the right coach, and the right tools, you can start ahead and stand clear.
Naturally not every school-in-a-box will fit every requirement, so the list of tools we provide is by no means exhaustive; however, we believe that a new school with these tools and recommendations will get a headstart.

But first, ask yourself if you are the Founder of a Culture-Building Organisation. Knowing what influnces us, what we read, listen to, watch, follow, know and can do might help you know what the best do, which in turn might lead you to understand who you are and the kind of organisation you are attempting to build.

What are your reasons?

It is important to begin with your 'why'. Why do you wish to start a school? One of the first things we did at HLC in our exercise of finding our 'why', is to try and say it in very few words. Keeping it short will bring a sharp focus to your purpose. It will help you find your allies, colleagues, learners, and community faster. It may seem hard at first, but we assure you, it is possible.

Beyond 8's 'why' for example is 'to build tomorrow's leaders today". As you'll notice, it doesn't require explanation when you can clearly articulate your 'why' like this. Once the 'why' is clear, a lot of what is available here can be used in your context.


Toolbox of a great learning centre

Here's what we can provide:

  • Learning Materials upto Grade 5
  • A communication app
  • A personalised assessment app
  • A diploma on public problem solving
  • A course on social entreprenurship
  • Inclusion and Integration
  • Sports and Physical development
  • School Beyond 8
  • Meet and Greet Ashoka Changemaker Schools



From PreKG to Grade 5, we don't use textbooks nearly as much as we use Nimble Kits. We have a collection of learning materials (that are constantly updated) from PreKG to Grade 5 that cover th learners' intellectual developmental needs. You could use it too.

Nimble Kits

Comm for Communication

A 'thick we' community requires good communication skills. Making communication personal and valuable means putting together a variety of capabilities. We built Comm to achieve exactly this.



Each child learns differently, and if we measure and understand these differences, we can help a lot more children learn a lot better. Kognify is now used by schools both in India and in the UK.



In order to solve the growing social problems around us and in our neighbourhoods, we need more changemakers and social problem solvers. Karthavyam is a diploma in public problem solving for school children.



Let's stop trying to do the new work of this era, readying all (and by all, we mean all) for 21st-century success, with tools and systems designed for an older century. Instead of preparing children to become employees, enable them to become employers.



Every child is capable of learning, and once we learn that ourselves, we can build empathetic learning spaces where inclusion is the norm. Use Elina services to enable your children that are differently abled.



Sport is an important part of the way we help children develop. Explorers is an initiative to not only build better sporting teams in a school, but also teach the learners sportsmanship, integrity, imagination and sharing.



If you've come this far, take your learner's education to a whole new level. From Grade 9, their education must be chosen by them, be modular, driven by experts and available all across your region. The greatest resources to learning are outside of your school. This is where your learners must also be.

Beyond 8

Meet and greet Ashoka Changemaker schools

This is perhaps the best network of schools enabling children to drive the change in this world. Knowing us and what we do, will enable you to take our best ideas into your daily work at your School-In-A-Box.

Good luck and best wishes. Remember that doing things rightly isn't enough; doing the right things is essential. If you wish to use this ready-kit toolbox, write to us.