Dear Parent,

HLC has gone LIVE completely! It has been a marathon effort by all our facilitators. Everything has also been possible because of your total support and we appreciate the time, effort and resources that you parents are contributing to ensure that our children have meaningful learning journeys during these unprecedented times.

Online learning at HLC during this pandemic is more about building deeper and meaningful relationships, focusing on physical, social, and emotional well-being and setting a rhythm and routine through fun activities for learners and their families. It is definitely not about a monochromatic-focus on academics/cognitive development alone.

Also, learning only happens when the mind is ready.

While each of us is putting a lot of effort into achieving this end, it is important that we hear from you about your experiences with HLC LIVE; they will help us understand your considerations and challenges and make our modifications and improvements valuable.

Your voice matters

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At HLC, we believe:

  • Whole child matters. Teaching to children's intellect alone isn't enough
  • Children require less teaching and more enabling
  • Curriculum is far less important than children's interests and passions
  • Real life applications are necessary for learning with understanding
  • Children require a range of opportunities to develop interests and passions
  • Inclusive spaces are essential for developing empathy
  • Decisions must be supported by data, but driven only by learners' passions