We are affiliated to Cambrdige Assessments International Education (CAIE) and also accredited by the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS).


We are affiliated to the assessment company Cambridge Assessments International Education (CAIE) formerly known as CIE and our registration number is IN842. It was issued on 02 Fe, 2012. We are a full IGCSE and A Levels School offering their curriculum from Grade 1 through Grade 12. From 2007, we were preparing students for the IGCSE exams as private candidates. We were perhaps the first school in Chennai to offer the Cambridge curriculum. We were granted affiliation, however, only after moving to our current campus in Karanai.


We are required to apply for the No Objection Certificate in order to be eligible for accreditation from syllabi outside the state of Tamil Nadu. This application was first submitted in 2014. It is still pending approval going back and forth for clarifications the government has sought. We were recommended for the NOC by the Chief Education Officer of our district in 2018 and the office of the Director of Education is expected to issue to issue the NOC.


We are accredted to the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) and our accreditation number is F-23-1-1/2015/NIOS/SSS/Accr/5815. It was issued on 30 Nov, 2015. Through a number of correspondences, we demonstrated our candidature to be a Study Centre for the NIOS curriculum. Members of society and education committees from across India vouched for our work and the HRD Ministry accredited us on that basis and on the high recommendation of the State appointed officer for the NIOS.

News and Updates

2021 January:

  • We've once again written to the Director of School Education requesting an update on our application for the No Objection Certificate. Although Cambridge Assessment International Education only requires our application, this is needed to be completed. We've, however, completed

2020 November:

  • We've written to the Cheif Education Officer asking for the status of our application for the No Objection Certificate.