Dear HLC Families,

Although schools everywhere haven't changed a lot from the model that emerged from the industrial revolution, we are not concerned with that. That's because at HLC, we aren't trying to prepare children. Instead, we facilitate learning for our children.

We are thrilled to have your children enrolled at HLC and look forward to providing them the best environment to learn, explore and thrive. In order to create such an environment, we must ensure that HLC is also a ‘safe space’ for them for your, and us.

What do we mean by a ‘safe space’? Well, it refers to feeling safe enough, both offline and online, to express one’s thoughts without fear of judgement. It also refers to feeling safe physically around peers and staff in daily interactions. In short, it refers to a place where everyone will be able to find support and help whenever it is sought.

Making HLC a safe space for us all requires everyone to contribute in their own little ways, be it putting ones best foot forward in terms of conduct or reporting any incident that makes another feel unsafe.

It is important for you to understand that HLC upholds a non negotiable policy towards any form of unsafe behaviours, offline and online, irrespective of gender.

This handbook is designed to help you be aware of the code of conduct at HLC, knowing your rights as well as reporting any behaviour that makes you feel uncomfortable. Always remember, every child’s boundary is different and we will respect whatever they may be for you. The handbook also outlines useful resources and people to reach out to should you ever have a problem. We are always listening!

Kindly complete the form below to acknowledge that you've received, read and accepted (and hence will abide) by HLC INTERNATIONAL’s Safe Space Policy.

Wishing the children the very best in their journeys with us. Happy learning!

Best regards,
Sudha Mahesh
Principal, HLC International

Downloadable Resources

HLC Child Protection Safe space policy, Learners Handbook is downloadable from this link.

HLC Child Protection SAFE SPACE POLICY, Facilitator Handbook is downloadable from this link.

POCSO Act, 2012 is downloaded from here

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