We are a Social Incubation Centre. To nurture good initiatives and build on them, we MUST remain small ourselves. And we value the quality of our relationships more than the volume of relations we nurture; only then can we bring about transformative social change. Also, being small allows us to be nimble and offer a broad range of learning opportunities for all learners.

We usually have a small number of vacancies across classes PreKG to Grade 12, so if you wish to enrol your child at HLC, please apply early. All applications are reviewed ONLY in the order received.

And for learners seeking personalised and transformative pathways to liberal education, and wanting to write the NIOS, CAIE, or Common Core exams, choose Beyond 8.

Enabling Passions

Enrol your children at HLC, only if you believe in the importance of enabling their passions and interests. We've been at it for 26 years now. From Ashoka Foundation, USA to Harvard University, our work has been acknowledged and celebrated throughout the world.

Mastering a curriculum and excelling at examinations are useful; we'd rather enable children in their individual pursuits, and celebrate the accomplishments they value.

We enable, not prepare, our learners.


At HLC, we believe:

  • Whole child matters. Teaching to children's intellect alone isn't enough
  • Curriculum is far less important than children's interests and passions
  • Real life applications are necessary for learning with understanding
  • Humans don't require teaching unless it is sought by them. What they require is a range of opportunities to develop interests & passions
  • Rigor and discipline grow only in areas of personal interest.
  • Decisions must be supported by data, but driven only by learners' passions
  • Inclusive spaces are essential for developing empathy


Through a number of initiatives, we strive to enable children to become empathetic, publicly and socially-minded, collaborative, inclusive leaders of tomorrow. Our primary goal is to provide students with the knowledge, skills, tools and resources they need to become leaders of tomorrow, and to develop in them a passion to make a positive impact on business and society. A HLC School education is distinctive and carries with it an expectation of a superior education for leaders of tomorrow.



Listed below are some questions we've been frequently asked. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, email us at comm AT headstartschool DOT org

What must I include along with my child's application?
Currently, we are revising what we seek in the application form. For now, it will suffice if you complete the online form. We will seek addition info as needed. They will usually include earlier marks cards, a T.C and some photographs.

Is there an application fee?
No, there isn't. There is, however a fee to attend our orientation. It will be collected at the time of the orientation at HLC.

To which address must I send the application?
Applications are available online, so please complete them online only.

Where is HLC?
We are located in Karanai, South Chennai. Our address:

HLC, the Social Incubator/b>,
Wing Haven Gardens,
Chennai - 600130.
Find us on Google Maps
Latitude:12.863017; Longitude: 80.206670  

What is the minimum-age requirement for PREKG, LKG and UKG?
For PreKG, the applicant must have completed 3 years of age by 31 May, 2022. and by logical extension, for LKG admission, the applicant must be 4 years of age by 31 May 2022 and for UKG admission, applicants must be 5 years of age by 31 May, 2022.. Additionally, the applicant must be toilet trained.

From what time to what time does HLC operate?
Classes 1 to 8 attend from 8.45 a.m to 3.25 p.m.
PreKG, LKG, & UKG attend from 8.45 a.m to 1:15 p.m.

Is breakfast and lunch provided by HLC?
NO, children bring their own snacks and lunch. Parents are advised to send what the child normally eats only, not more. Non Vegetarian food cannot be brought to the learning centre.

Can I come to HLC and meet the Principal and some teachers?
Yes, please call and get an appointment to visit HLC. Our students will show you around the campus and introduce you to how we enable learning. If you wish to meet the Principal, please make a request for it at least 2 days before you visit the learning centre.


What is the fee structure?
The fee structure is NOT available online, you may seek it when you visit HLC or by calling us. Beyond 8 fee may be sought here

Is the fee refundable?
No, the fee paid is non-refundable. We enrol candidates on the assumption that they are going to continue studying at HLC, and if for any reason their seats are not taken, there will be no refund of the fee paid.

Why is the fee structure not available online?
HLC believes that an applicant must know first hand how it functions and for this reason, applicants are requested to visit the learning centre, see how classes are conducted, interact with its teachers and then if HLC is right for him/her, the fee structure may be sought.

In whose favour must cheques be made when paying the fees?
We do not take cash payment under any circumstances. Please make all cheques in favour of "Vidyothsahi Educational And Charitable Trust". Even better would be to wire transfer the fees.

Board Affiliation

To which board is HLC affiliated?
Under the name, HLC International [Registration Number IN842, Application Number: IN10061604], we prepare students for the Cambridge IGCSE (10th Grade) [International General Certificate of Secondary Examination] and AS and A Levels (12th Grade) curriculum prescribed by Cambridge Assessment International Examination [CAIE]. HLC is a CAIE registered examination centre. To know more about the examination board, visit CAIE Website

Besides Cambridge IGCSE, HLC is also a HRD Ministry's NIOS Acredited Institution.

HLC follows the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum from Grade 1 to Grade 12. We've been coaching students for the IGCSE exams since 2007.

A common concern for students taking the IGCSE examination in India is if the IGCSE and A level certifications are recognised by Indian Universities. The Association of Indian Universities requirements for candidates taking the IGCSE and A level are: a minimum of 5 passes at the IGCSE level and 2 passes at the A levels. For admission to professional courses - medical/engineering, A level passes in Physics, Chemistry, Biology/ Mathematics and English are essential besides the 5 passes at IGCSE level. Please feel free to visit All India University website where at the bottom half of the page, this same information is available readily. The Association of India Universities recognises CIE's IGCSE.

CIE is the international division of University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES). UCLES is another UK-based academic qualifications awarding body, known for its professional, rigorous and high standard assessments.

Which IGCSE is better for my child?
From parents and students' perspective, there is little difference between CIE's IGCSE and other IGCSE offerings, such as OCR, AQA, CCEA, or Edexcel's. All these are examination bodies. Some schools are accredited to CIE alone while some others are accredited to more than one IGCSE examination body. HLC prepares students for Cambridge's IGCSE.

More than the assessment body, parents need to think about which school is better for their child's development and learning and which school enables their child to grow into citizens, not which examination body prepares them to become better consumers in society. Assessment, after all, is conducted to sort human ability and does not directly enable learning.

Are IGCSE students eligible for CBSE/ICSE/Matriculation boards in the 11th grade?
Yes, students who have passed IGCSE are eligible for any +2 level qualification, like Class 12 CBSE/ ISC(ICSE) or any international pre-university programme, like the IB Diploma, Advanced Placement Diploma (US), and A/AS Level & AICE (UK).

In order to help students understand how the choice of subjects in IGCSE will determine their eligibility for under-graduation, HLC has put together an eligibility criteria for getting into specific universities, both local and abroad.

What subjects are offered at 10th Grade (IGCSE) level?
16 subjects are offered right from the 9th grade. Students must prepare for 4 compulsory subjects (English, Physics, Chemistry and Math), and any three optional subjects from the list below.


Information Technology

Business Studies

Food Studies

Global Perspectives
Environmental Management

Students may select any subject (minimum of 3 AND a maximum of 5) besides English and 1 Second Language.

What subjects are offered for Standard 11 and 12 (AS and A2 Level)?
The subjects offered are:

English (Literature)
French (AS Level)
Tamil (AS Level)
Hindi (AS Level)


Food Studies
Information Technology
Business Studies
Thinking Skills