How are we enabling online-learning

All the feedback shown here was submitted in the first week of July, 2020, in a feedback form. We are constantly seeking feedback on HLC LIVE and its effectiveness in enabling learning. We want give a huge shout-out to the enabling environment HLC families have provided to their children and to the teachers. HLC Live has been very successful only because of how we collaborated, considered all the challenges and put together learning opportunities as a collective unit, parents, children and HLC teachers.

You guys are fantastic and what more can I say. I really admire the way the teachers are handling it so patiently. I was telling my mother and extended family too on how this is happening. If I had given a chance, I would have bursted out when the kids are all talking at a time and so on :). That way you people are at heights. Keep doing and keep inspiring us.Good luck and cheers. As we are learning to live with it, Pranika misses her presence at school.Hope to see everyone in person soon.
My child is comfortable and looking forward to the classes. Very minimal technical glitches. Good efforts taken by teachers and coordinators.
Our son is thoroughly enjoying his online classes! Every morning he wakes up with the excitement to meet his friends and teachers. We sincerely appreciate all the facilitators and the management for their efforts in replicating a KG class in the online space. Thank you for weaving a social web for the toddlers through these classes. It is priceless to see the smiles on the faces of these tiny tots when they see their ""aunties"" on the computer screen. Let us sail through this tough times together and hopefully we should be all meeting at our second home - HLC, very soon.
Its been an amazing effort from the teachers and my kid looks forward to all activities, singing and dancing. Listening to her humming the rhymes and teaching activities to her really a great experience! Thanks heaps to every single effort behind this adaptive transformation!
The start is quite great, keep up the same energy and enthusiasm, my kid is having a bit of a challenge seeing family and school together, but after some time I hope she will adjust and will be able to differentiate.
Though it is online my child lives in the moment. In the beginning, it was very hard for me to keep my son in one place. But now he has started to enjoy the class.
I feel the current schedule is good as he feels engaged and is not bored at home. He is learning more seriously when teachers teach in class.
It's excellent, keep going... My baby is enjoying all the activities.. All the best..
I commend the effort put in by all the Teachers and coordinators for this Online class. Kids have been happily coping up with this too. So I think we should continue doing some learning through this medium so as to let the kids stay engaged and focused. We are all trying our best to support this activity by changing our work schedule and will continue to support.
I am really happy with the online learning because it's the need of the hour and also kids are getting connected to school . There is no other better alternative for the current situation. A big Thank you for all the HLC facilitators for all the hard work you have put in to make this a success.
Really appreciate the work put by staff and management to put together an online curriculum. It has been a good experience. Kindergarten aunties are doing great job. Thank you.
It's a great learning experience for the kids as well the facilitators. Appreciate the planning and efforts which has gone into this new normal kind of situation.
The class activities are well scheduled and definitely learning seems to be fun for our child. My daughter looks forward for her online learning and she is happy, she stays attentive throughout the session and waits for a chance to reply to aunties..
It definitely helps to have more social interactions during this difficult time. Our child is really enjoying the sessions.
She enjoys HLC LIVE , gets to interact with others outside the house and is also having fun learning . Love the way teachers interact with children.
Thank you for scheduling these online classes and reaching out for the feedback. Classes are really good so far. Will share the detailed feedback (if any) in the future.
Thanks to all the teachers and support staff for making this an eventful experience.
Our son feels happy to stay connected with his aunties and friends. He looks forward daily for the online class. It has brought back the routine for the kid. The number of students per group is limited and every child gets enough attention and is encouraged to speak up. Thanks for this friendly setup!
We are very happy with HLC LIVE. Thanks for conducting the online classes. It is nice to get my son engaged.
Enjoyed Lakshmi aunty's caterpillar story. Excellent hands on sessions, exercises and routines.
Highly appreciate the effort taken by the facilitators. I'm sure my child is learning one or the other with the classes.
HLC LIVE is very good. We could see the hard work that has gone into bringing classes online. In previous school, he wasn't treated well so he didn't like going to school. But here in few days of online classes, we could see he is eager to meet his teachers. Thank you HLC.
It has been an exciting 2 weeks for both our son and us . He has really been enjoying the sessions. The teachers and co-ordinators have been doing a wonderful job.
Kudos to the school management, facilitators for making this a reality, our daughter is thoroughly enjoying her online learning sessions and as parents we are happy that she is spending screen time learning and doing activities. I think it is great and I appreciate all the work done for this.
Though my daughter longs to be at school physically (knowing it is a common dream), the efforts put in by the facilitators are impeccable!
Kids are able to learn well now which is good news. I think it is a great effort from the HLC team. Kudos to everyone who made this happen!
Teachers are extremely good and teaching very nicely. Each session is very interactive and each child in class is getting a chance to answer. Very much satisfied with online sessions. Eagerly waiting for Kognify exercises to work out.
Appreciate the efforts that have gone into planning. Our support is assured.
It is a very nice initiative to keep engaging with reading, and seeing friends. And every class is superb. All aunties are giving adequate breaks and exercises during the classes. Aunties are so positive and they engage kids very actively during the session.
We appreciate the efforts and the level of preparation by the teachers. They are interacting individually and helping each kid.
I'm quite happy with everything given the situation. I would like to extend my thanks to everyone involved.
We are very much satisfied with how well the teachers are conducting online sessions. Hats off to all teachers for their hardwork and patience.
Well organised and my child looks forward to all the classes. Teachers and school have done a great job with HLC LIVE. Homework submissions are easier too. Kudos!
Must commend the efforts being put in by the teachers ! Yes a few glitches do pop up now and then! We can also see that a few teachers are more at ease while handling the class whilst few aren’t. The child however has taken to it like fish to water! Would like to suggest that the children do not use headphones since the cacophony of their enthusiasm is definitely deafening at times! Whilst we are being careful in limiting their screen exposure we might also need to take care of their hearing !
Overall the experience is definitely novel and would sincerely like to extend thanks and appreciations to the HLC team !
We really like how the teachers handle the class and take pains to teach the concepts even if it is being asked by the kids more than once. The teachers are extremely patient and really sweet. The kids are also enthusiastic and happy to see each other.
Kudos to the coordinators, facilitators and admin for choosing the Google suite of apps and the holistic planning. The experience has been very good for me and my daughter. I like the fact that sufficient breaks are provided during and between classes and collaborative learning outside class is also encouraged. Thank You!
Fantastic. Highly appreciate all the work being done by the teachers. Thanks
Having 2 teachers per class is very good and effective. Giving enough breaks from the screen is a welcome move. Teachers are engaging and are very interactive (especially GP and English). Tamil classes needs to be reviewed to see if they can be run effectively. Kids are slowly getting comfortable to this new normal. Hope they will get better in online interactions.
Great work. We are really satisfied the way your team engages kids. Not much stress to both kids and to parents.
I was very skeptical about the effectiveness of online learning but after observing the sessions, I feel that it is not that bad. The teachers are doing a good job despite the fact that the number limitations we have with online teaching. A comment: When the teachers ask children to explore more or take a quiz or do more research, can that be done in a more organized way? We find some such items in the "class work" section and but they are not helpful to parents or we come to know about it late. There may be room to improve it.
Teachers do their best possible... and kids are slowly getting used to it...
We have started to adjust to this new normal. We will become more comfortable as it goes along. Looking forward to face-to-face classes. Also, a shout out to the teachers who take the same classes twice a day. We appreciate that you have taken the consideration to split the classes even though it is twice the work. Thank you!
The classes conducted by all teachers are really good. And they make sure that every child understands the concept. Thanks to all the teachers who make sure that the kids are attentive and focussed during their classes. Please continue to enable our children with good learning during this pandemic. Thanks for your patience.
My child is enjoying the classes, especially English and Science. The teachers are very understanding and supportive of the children. Thank you.
Overall good experience with limited classes. The google classrooms assignments are a welcome. We too are able to track them easily.
My son looks forward to his online classes and interacting with his teachers and friends. And the assignments taking on a digital format is also something that he finds quite exciting. Thank you for all the efforts!
Teachers are trying their best to make the classes more interesting for the kids which is a truly commendable job.They have done a good job in engaging the kids during the classes on HLC LIVE.
I believe that the stress is actually quite a lot on the teachers as they cannot get instant feedback and control. So kudos to them!
All of us in society are forced to adapt. The tectonic shifts in earning patterns will impact 8 out of 10 families. HLC LIVE is an attempt at democratisation of learning and extending the spatial dimension. This methodology can help scale impact in the longer run. A hybrid model of learning with digital and classroom will evolve out of this adventurous experiment forced upon all of us. Thank you.
I would like to appreciate the effort from all and I see a very sincere methodology being followed. Happy to be a part even though sometimes the work schedule gets impacted.
Classes are very interactive. Great amount of effort is being put up to deliver the classes. Kudos to the teachers on how they manage. The recording of sessions is very useful.
The teachers are giving their best efforts and the sessions are really informative. I can see that my kid is looking forward to his classes.
Overall, We feel that HLC LIVE is better and with good results. We are satisfied. We feel that children need more writing practice and physical activities. Our son is happy attending live classes and is accommodated well. Thanks.
I really like the way you guys are handling online sessions. The breaks in-between, exercises... Looks like kids are really enjoying GP classes and other classes. Please keep up your good work.
Thanks to all the teachers for their efforts in implementing HLC LIVE in a well planned manner.
We would like to tell you that your online-classes initiative is going well. Our son is also very much interested in all the classes.
Congratulations to the teachers for the online classes !! It’s a great effort.
I would truly like to appreciate all the teachers, Your coordinators working behind the scenes make HLC live happening; You made it :)
Quite interesting. Teachers please email parents and let them know in case a child is not regular with homework.
Thanks for this initiative. The kids were bored due to the lock down. They enjoy interacting with their friends and their aunties. It was a seamless experience for my son. We really appreciate the efforts by Team HLC !
My daughter is enjoying her classes. The teachers are putting in a lot of effort and also trying to engage every child in the class. It is a really good initiative to turn to HLC LIVE by HLC’s management. And thank you to your teachers for teaching academics during this pandemic. We parents do thank each and everybody to keep the kids engaged.
It's commendable how the teachers are holding up, kudos to them for sure, to be able to adapt, learn, evolve and enable themselves to teach and control an online class. It is not easy from what I've seen.
Excellent. Very happy with the current setup.
The whole experience has been well planned and executed by the HLC team. Hats off to you all for pulling this off even though this is a new and first time for all of us. It will be really nice if we can workout a way to distribute the workbooks for the students, so it reduces workload for the teachers as well as help parents to support the kid better.
This is the first year with HLC for my daughter. I am amazed at the patience and preparation of the educators. I appreciate all the efforts that go into planning each class and the additional work to ready the presentations. The educators are making conscious efforts to involve each student by calling out to the quiet or shy ones to participate. All in all I feel that HLC is making the most of this difficult situation to ensure positive engagement of the children.
It has been an excellent experience :-) The teachers have been phenomenal in making their classes engaging. Google Classroom has - for the first time - enabled my daughter and me to look at assignments and actually complete them. Something we used to always struggle with earlier on. She seems to be enjoying the classes. However, being who she is, she can't wait for the in-person classes to begin.
First week was a new experience for him and he was little restless. But by second week , the routine is set. The online homework enables me to follow up on his work.
Thanks for arranging HLC LIVE. These are challenging times for school, parents, teachers and kids. We have to be empathetic and move along.
The whole experience has been well planned and executed by the HLC team. Hats off to you all for pulling this off even though this is a new and first time for all of us. It will be really nice if we can workout a way to distribute the workbooks for the students, so it reduces workload for the teachers as well as help parents to support the kid better.
Great job by the teachers, considering that this a new system for both students and teachers. It would help if this form was sent after a month or so, again, so we could give more conclusive feedback on the number of sessions. Thank you!
We are comfortable with HLC LIVE. Sometimes we have to cope up with network connectivity problems other than that we are comfortable.
The online sessions are going on smoothly. It's not an easy task to pull this off. Great job, Keep up the good work!
Transition went on very smoothly than expected. Speaking for Sahasra, she was able to follow instructions and use the google classroom efficiently without any intervention. Yes the screen time has increased however the way the classes are designed seems to be the optimal solution for current scenario.
Its a new platform for all of us so everybody is getting used to it but you (entire team) are doing a good job. Congrats!
Our child finds it easy to learn as it is made interactive and engaging.
We are very impressed with the way the classes are conducted. The teachers are so patient and accommodating. The learners are so flexible and engaged. On the whole, a very positive experience.
I feel children and teachers are doing great on HLC Live.. sessions seem to be well planned with attention given to each child.. thank you!
The online learning initiative has been very well organised by HLC. Thanks!
Teachers are the real heroes. I appreciate the efforts they are putting to make learning possible during this pandemic we all are facing. I can now proudly say that we parents have become students as well and the credit goes to online sessions. Thank you for the whole new experience and knowledge.
The good - 1. it helps the children to absorb information covered in claas at their pace which is a challenge sometimes when they are physically present at class. Especially when they look at kids that take in information faster, a few kids will be reluctant in Bing confident with their questions. Online learning helps them to overcome that inhibition and focus on learning 2. It helps parents be in touch with what is being taught in class and reinforce the learning and home work , and also help with challenges because we know the topics being covered in class. This was not the case always with physical classes because our kids were thr only source of this information but with Google classroom we have full visibility to what is being taught in class and how the child is in tune with it.
It has been smooth thus far, thanks to all the teachers and management for making it so.
HLC LIVE classes are great. My son is enjoying his time with classmates and as well learning new stuff from his teachers.
The teachers are doing wonderfully in engaging children in studies with whatever limitations they have.
Her teachers have made quite an effort to get HLC LIVE to go well. Thank you.
Its fun learning through HLC LIVE, covering all the subjects, interacting with the teachers and chatting with friends. But personally, I feel that coming to school, seeing friends face-to-face, and playing football with them, makes me more happy than online school.
I feel teachers are putting extra effort to make sure each child is attentive in the class. They call out names and ask them to respond, there is good level of interaction. I am very happy the way classes go
Our son is enjoying attending the sessions and we have no issues. The recordings are made available to catch up on missed classes. We appreciate the effort put in conducting engaging sessions.

Beyond 8 Learner's Feedback

Upto high-school, we took feedback from both parents and the learners. Beyond 8, the learner's voice alone was captured. These are feedback (taken in July 2020) given by the learners about learning online-only, during this pandemic, since Mar, 2020. Clearly, they prefer in-person learning, but have also taken to learning online reasonably well.

The sessions are excellent, engaging and without distractions.
Teachers had nice and fun ways to engage us and the whole class in the chapters/topics we are learning.
The sessions are excellent, engaging and without distractions.
It is hard to stay focused when I am constantly looking at the screen all day, but all the teachers ask us questions to make sure we are listening.
I had some trouble keeping up with the pace at first, but once I sat down, made a plan and executed it, I was able to keep up. It works for me.
HLC LIVE is excellent. I think I've been able to understand concepts better, and thanks to google classroom, i've been able to stay on top of my assignments. When I truly focus, I find online classes very helpful.
The sessions were quite interesting for the most part but I found the ones that were earlier in the morning slightly boring as I would be sleepy at that time.
The online classes have been effective but not as effective and interesting as classes in school.
HLC LIVE has been excellent. Excellent because I enjoy the freedom of expressing my thoughts and enjoy and always gaining something in the process.
For most of the subjects,HLC LIVE retains the same amount of learning, and LIVE even enhanced the learning of some subjects such as Biology. However, for subjects like Math, it is much harder to grasp the concept quickly. On a whole, the sessions are quite stimulating and quite informative however to keep it that way, we have to do a lot of self study and practice, to fully understand the ideas. We have to keep reinforcing or else the classes will be dull and lose their appeal.
Except for internet issues from time to time, the teaching and learning have been going on pretty well.
I would say the online sessions are good because they are quite helpful during such times.
Sometimes I am not able to understand completely, and at those time, I’m not able to concentrate. But HLC LIVE classes are interesting mostly.
I had initially expected a complete use of Google Classroom in the beginning, but since some teachers had some difficulties it was not executed at first. But now it is very organised, though it is not as good as in-person classes.
We are able to concentrate better and the teachers are able to take class without interruption. But i feel that the classes which used to be interactive have become less interactive.
The teacher's are doing a great job in keeping us interested and engaged.
The online sessions are fairly interesting and engaging.
It was a little hard to pay attention when the teacher was only explaining without presenting something on the screen. As there isn't a board or somewhere to put down key words or points it is hard to map what the teacher is talking about to the concept they are explaining. But I am getting used to it as we go.
The sessions are good. Everyone's thoughts are expressed and heard.
It has been excellent. The teachers are making the most of what they possibly can during online classes . and the sessions are pretty interesting .
Sessions such as Economics and Chemistry are very good generally. I don't think I can give an opinion on Math sessions as I've already finished learning it.
Sometimes there are some connectivity issues and I zone out of the classes very easily. But all in all the sessions have been interesting.
The topics covered were interesting, and intriguing. Unfortunately, it's a little difficult to focus in class through a laptop. It still feels like vacation with a lot of school work.
HLC LIVE is excellent. I think the teachers have made a great effort for these online classes, I could enjoy more if there were more activities in class.

At HLC, we believe:

  • Whole child matters. Teaching to children's intellect alone isn't enough
  • Curriculum is far less important than children's interests and passions
  • Real life applications are necessary for learning with understanding
  • Humans don't require teaching unless it is sought by them. What they require is a range of opportunities to develop interests & passions
  • Rigor and discipline grow only in areas of personal interest.
  • Decisions must be supported by data, but driven only by learners' passions
  • Inclusive spaces are essential for developing empathy