Volunteering and Interning with HLC


By interning with HLC, the candidate will learn many organisational skills such a leadership, empathy, collaboration, detailed and thoughtful action, and many others. We do not entertain internships for just a few days. The minimum period to look at an internship with our Incubations is 6 weeks.

HLC is a Social Incubation Centre, so we expect all interns to be ready to do field work, and document strategies and outcomes at every level of research and innovation. Given the nature of our work and the urgent need to reimagine learning, an intern is required to spend large chunks of time in observation, record taking and field activities. Accordingly, we invite interns who are able to give consistent amount of time and effort to our Incubation Centre and its operations.


Volunteering at HLC can be a very rewarding experience. We invite volunteers to work in one of our Social Incubations based on our need at the time of applying. For those who wish to volunteer, please fill out our Volunteer form and send it back to us. Please be sure to include the documents requested within the form. Once the documents are verified, and the application accepted, we will intimate you and list you in our volunteer database. Volunteering at HLC requires a committed number of hours in any one of the incubations where we seek help.

Volunteer OR Intern "Many hands make light work", said John Heywood. We need your hands and your feet here at our Incubation Centre to make a success of things we do with the children. So please fill out this form -select only that which you will surely do - with details of time of day and number of days you can volunteer.

Kindly note that if you volunteer to help, your consistent presence and assistance -as per your selection here- is necessary for our programs to work effectively, so please fill out the form thoughtfully and hit submit.

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